Sunday 5 August 2018

Benefits of the Credit Card USB flash drive

One of the most popular models that become available on the market is the credit card USB flash drive. This flash drives captured consumers attention in the last years. Here are the reasons why:
  1. The print area is very large on a credit card USB stick compared with the standard USB flash drives models, this gives lots more scope to print detailed graphics or images. Your printable space can have details like phone numbers, email addresses and website addresses. This would be impossible on a standard USB memory drive.
  2. The credit card flash drives are familiar since they are exactly the same shape as a regular bank card.
  3. The newest credit card USB memory sticks are only 2mm thick imitating perfectly a real credit card being only marginally thicker than a standard bank card. They fit very comfortably into any pocket, wallet or purse that is designed to carry cards.
  4. When you print the credit card USB flash drive the results are fantastic, making a real visual impact to the consumers. This is because to the larger print area which allows you to be more creative.
  5.  These gadgets are the perfect fit for any direct marketing campaign because they are so light to carry they can be mailed out in a standard envelope and by doing this you will avoid larger shipping. Since they have a familiar shape there are mailer packages already designed to carry bank cards that can be used to ship them.
  6. Regardless their thin size their memory sizes range from 128MB all the way to 16GB.
  7. And business logo printed on these cards can expect to be carried in a wallet, meaning that the brand will get plenty of exposure.
  8. Having a large printing area also gives the manufacturer the possibility to attach the USB connector in different ways, giving the users plenty of choices to connect it to a computer.
  9.  The time used for printing the USB credit cards is between 7 and 10 days.
  10. With all the advantages that they offer, they are also no more expensive than other standard USB models.
If we look at the previous year number of units sold, the branded USB Cards are gaining more and more popularity in Nigeria. And if this year this trend will continue, the USB Credit Card will overtake even the traditional designed USB flash drives as a top Unique business card for CEOs Another nice one is the promotional car air freshener in Nigeria

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