Saturday 20 April 2019

Guide to Choosing Customized Car Air Freshener in Lagos

Promotional marketing can take many different forms, and it’s important to choose the best product that showcases your brand in the right way and provides benefits for your customers.
Car air fresheners can be a great way to publicise your business, especially if you operate within the automotive sector, such as a garage, car wash or a parts and accessories supplier. It’s a cost-effective way to remind customers of your name, and it also provides them with a fresh scent for their car.

Benefits of customised car air fresheners

Wholesale car air fresheners, like many promotional products, have an extremely low per-unit cost, especially if you order them in large enough volumes. This enables you to get your message out to a wider audience, even if you don’t have a particularly high marketing budget. They can be used as a way of saying thank you to customers for their business, which increases loyalty figures and makes a lasting impression.

Fast turnaround time

When you’ve made the decision to give away promotional items, you don’t want to be waiting weeks for delivery, which can be the case with some products. Customised car air fresheners can be produced to your specifications and delivered within a couple of weeks so you can start giving them away as soon as possible.

An alternative to the business card

It’s easy for customers to file away a business card and then misplace it. This means that when they need your contact details, they might end up going somewhere else. However, if you choose wholesale car air fresheners, your details can be hanging in their car so they’re easy to find when required.

Keep you in mind

If your product or service is car-related, it pays to keep your brand in the customers’ minds when they’re driving. If you operate a garage and their MOT is due, they’ll remember you rather than looking up another number. Likewise, if you run a car wash and they think their car could do with a wash or valet, they’ll be more inclined to come back.

Choosing personalised car air fresheners

When it comes to choosing customised air fresheners to promote your brand, there are a number of choices to make.
One of the best ways to make a good impression with customers is to choose a pleasant fragrance that will give them a long-lasting smell. Natural oil-based fragrances offer a high-quality fragrance, and they are available in a range of scents, including fruit and flower-based fragrances. If you’re sending out air fresheners at particular seasonal times of the year, consider choosing a special fragrance, such as winter spiced versions at Christmas.
The other main decision you’ll need to make is the shape of your air freshener, and this can really make a difference with customers. There are plenty of standard designs you can use, including car, house and star shapes, or you can design your own customised shape that says something about your business.
Branded car air freshener in Nigeria

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