Wednesday 25 September 2013

We make Roll-up Banners in Lagos, Nigeria Call:08181447766

Eloquent Touch Media 08181447766, is a company based in Ikeja, Lagos and can make eye catching and durable roll-up banners in Nigeria. You can also rent or hire our back drops or roll up stand for your Lagos event.

What are roll-up banners?
Roll-up Banners are portable exhibition display units that are designed to carry an eye catching graphic. A banner stand is ideal for use at exhibitions, conferences, retail outlets or in any public building.

In Eloquent Touch Media, we offer Free Artwork, Free Consultations, Same Day 12-24Hr Service. Our mission is for you the client, to have uncompromising personalized service, to make your key statement(s) without really leaving your comfort.So we can offer FREE home/office delivery

Our prices for roll-up flex banners are very affordable and range from 13,000 to 17,000 Naira. Visit our Alausa Ikeja office or simply call us on 08181447766. You can also order online at

Why choose Eloquent Touch Media banners?
  •     5 year guarantee when purchasing a banner stand from Eloquent Touch, giving you complete peace of mind.
  •     Our state of the art graphics guarantee no edge-curling and no de-lamination, delivering your message with maximum impact.
  •     Our in-house print team allows us to print all of our graphics on site in Nigeria and deliver to you within 3-5 working days of receipt of artwork.
  •     If you need some help to design your graphics, or put the finishing touches to your artwork, then we can offer you our creative design services to create your perfect graphic.
  •     If you are looking to replace your current banner stand because your artwork is out of date, then we also offer a replacement graphics service. This service could allow you to keep your current base unit while replacing your graphic.
Speak to us today on +234 81 81 44 7766 about your requirements and we can help you find your perfect banner stand.


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