About Eloquent Brands

About EloquentBrands.Blogspot.com
Eloquent Brands is a blog that showcases designs and creative works of Eloquent Touch Media. The blog provides information about our design and printing services in the categories of Logo design, graphic designs include for flyers, posters, magazines, brochures, file jackets and office stationery. It also features signs and promotional gifts like stamps, signages, branded corporate gifts etc.

Our Blogging Goal
The goal of the blog is to make our clients and prospective customers an informed consumer rather than a shopping victim. We will give you insights about the world of design and creativity as it pertains to the Nigerian environment in particular and the world in General.

About Eloquent Touch Media
Eloquent Touch Media is a website design development and promotion company with specialty in graphic design, branding, printing, ecommerce website development and SEO services. We are based in Lagos State Nigeria, Ikeja precisely but we work for clients all over Nigeria including port harcourt, and Abuja.

Our other blogs include:
http://blog.eloquenttouchmedia.com (Official Blog)
http://eloquentseo.blogspot.com (internet marketing blog)
http://latestyarns.com (social blog featuring latest News, gossips and insights) and
http://naijatechgist.com (coming Soon)

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