Saturday, 27 December 2014

Why Choose Eloquent to Design your Logo?

Let’s face it, we could offer the same ‘shake-and-bake’ solutions that many other logodesign companies in Nigeria do. We could promise you the moon and sky with a ‘buy now’ appeal in order to get you to order for our services. We could go online and copy other people’s logo or use clip arts from the internet, we wouldn’t be able to bring you what we’ve become famous for – top notch logo design and brand identity. Below are some of the reasons our past clients have identified as the major reason they use Eloquent Touch Media as their preferred logo and graphic design company.

1) Our work speaks for itself.
Visit our logo design portfolio and see for yourself. Our proven track record is an eloquent testimonial to why we are not just different but better. We’re in the business of making your company, product or service look good, just like we’ve done for hundreds of companies around the globe. We have done it for years now, building a start-up brand from scratch and staying with them through the growth process till they stand.

2) We offer Refunds
If you’re not thrilled with your first round of preliminary concepts, simply contact our client support department before requesting further unique versions and/or revisions, and we’ll refund your fees (less 20% administration fee). We’re confident that we can create a logo for any business, service or product so Eloquent is happy to offer this guarantee with all our logo packages.

3) Our Designers are Experienced.
Each of our designers are experienced logo specialists with established track records of creating successful brand artwork. We have leveraged on this to produce the most professionally looking logos and brand identities over the years. Our studio receives kudos from clients, designers and competitors alike.

4) Small Studio Service.
While many logo companies on the web like to brag about how ‘big’ they are, at Eloquent, we remain dedicated to bringing our clients a small studio experience, a philosophy that’s worked for hundreds of clients we worked for around and outside Nigeria. Our staff are always available by phone or e-mail for assistance during any project. Moreso, if you are within our environment, you can always breeze into our studio (See Eloquent Address on a Lagos map)to further discus your project and the project manager will give you all the attention you need (appointment required). On special arrangements (and for some package types), we can even visit your office

5) All our Designs are Original.
Eloquent starts every logo design project from scratch so you’re assured of an original logo that you’ll be proud to use as the cornerstone of your branding efforts. No clip art, overused & overdone visual cliches, logo design contest, design crowdsourcing or other ‘sharp-sharp’ solutions here. At our studio, you’re assured of original logos and creative work, each and every time. After all, it’s our reputation that’s on the line. And once we’re finalized your logo, we’ll transfer all ownership documents to you 

7) Reasonable Rates.
Eloquent offers a range of logo packages for every budget. This is where you can get cheap logo prices in Nigeria. Unlike many other ‘logo design’ companies who’ll pitch you with improbable gimmicks, our logo design pricing and packages are realistic for the services you’re getting, make sense, and are based on turnaround, number of revision rounds and final file format setups. See our logo design pricing or e-mail us for a quote

8) Quick Turnaround.

We understand that your deadlines may be looming and that you need to buy your logo right away. We offer a quick turnaround solution to your order once you mobilize us to start. We have a time frame requirement for every package when we take time to research, analyze and create your project. But even the time line can be shortened if you opt for Express service. 

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