Monday 11 August 2014

Unique Business Cards for CEOs with Class

Business Cards may be old school, but it is still the most effective and sought after direct Business promotion method in Nigeria or any part of the world. With custom made Plastic or Metal Business Cards, the game has become bigger and better. If you are a CEO your business card should exude class.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, and want some thing different and unique as your Business stationary, Metal Business Cards are your best choice. It is not necessary to give metal business cards to every single customer, you can have it for special clients.  You can’t help but get noticed, so go on and impress your clients with Metal Business Cards.The unique and creative design and material of Metal Business cards is enough to make sure that your Business card is given the attention it deserves. Now, this is ideal for established CEO's as it is a little on the high side. See more reasons why you should choose a metal business card

Another unique card is plastic business cards. Transparent plastic complimentary card also make you stand out from the competition. You just make a fashion statement that promotes your brand. There's no two ways about it. This is ideal for medium scale companies

Then here is the real deal: the credit card usb business card. Apart from serving as a business card it has the added advantage of coming with memory storage. You can now store your company profile, videos etc in a unique usb business card and hand over to your client or prospective customer. There are many benefits of using the credit card usb drive, one of them being that it carries more info than your usual usb

But if you are still low on budget but still need something quite unique in design, look and feel, then you can order for paper business cards. Made with 400gsm paper stock and printed using DI machine, this card makes you hand out your business card with pride. Now this is ideal for start ups and for small scale industries. Start with a bang!!!

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