Thursday 29 October 2015

Rent Roll-up banner stands in Lagos

If you are organizing an event and need to rent or hire roll-up stands or backdrop, then contact us. We offer roll-up banner rental services in Nigeria and we are based in Ikeja, Lagos State. There are many reasons to opt for renting the stand instead of an outright purchase.

  1. When you are working on a slim budget: Renting roll up banner stand is necessary when you are working on a slim budget for an event. Instead of buying the stand with the printing, you just rent and print.
  2. When you may never need to use the stand again after the event: Why buy what you may not use, just rent it for the event and return afterwards. For instance, you are organizing your wedding and you need 5 roll up banners for direction and other information, instead of going to buy what you may never use after the wedding, better rent and return. It will be more cost effective for you
  3. When you need more stands than you would require after the event: hire the stand don't buy it except you want it to lie wasting. If you need that urgent supply of roll up stands then call us
Call us today 08181447766 and lets discuss your roll-up banner stand hire


EloquentPrints is a professional printing company in Lagos. Talk to us and let us help you organize the perfect custom stand that fits your purpose and budget.
We can take care of the design, production, branding and setup of the stand or backdrop you require.

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