Monday 10 August 2015

Top Photography Company in Lagos Nigeria

Eloquent Visuals is a photography and videography company in Nigeria. Whether it’s a wedding, birthday, picnic, beach party, cocktail or corporate event, Eloquent understands the art of telling the story. In fact Creative storytelling is our style and we believe that every story differs from the other; Let’s tell yours differently; regardless of your location on the globe.

Our most valuable clients are those with a strong appetite for quality images, creative imagination and most of all; value for money spent. These are the people who bring the best out of every production. If you are one of such, feel free to contact us and we’ll be glad to earn your satisfaction.

We are the renowned Top wedding photographers in Lagos Nigeria and The following are the service we offer:

  • Photography- Eloquent is among the top photography company in Nigeria. Renowned for best quality photo shooting and editing services. Our photography transcends hobbyist landscape photography. We do home portraiture, wedding photography, lifestyle and commercial photography.
  • Videos- We make a film out of your event; only that the actors are you, your family and friends. Details and storytelling is our primary objective when it comes to events. We cover most events with a minimum of two cameras (your budget determines maximun no. and gear specification). The various shots are then edited to one fully detailed, “no shot spared” creative Dvd. The viewing experience of our event video is better experienced first hand than described. We also provide specialized video services for presentation, pitches and other multimedia packages with special creativity demands.
  • Photo enlargement & Framing- we are a top quality photo enlargement company in Nigeria. Eloquent is a leader in transforming digital images into celebrated canvas photo enlargements to hang on your wall. We can enlarge your old photographs or that of your parents or even grandparents, then frame it so you can display on your wall.
  • Photo Album and DVD mass dubbing: Eloquent Visuals specializes in producing your photo albums and photo books in Nigeria to capture your memories.
  • Training- We provide hands on training on photography and videography in Nigeria. This we do through our apprenticeship/mentoring programmes, workshops and short term courses. Our training centre is presently based in Lagos, Nigeria.

So next time you are looking for a wedding photographer in Nigeria or a professional photography to cover your events, call us

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