Friday 10 July 2015

How often should your website be redesigned?

Psychologists advice we change the look of our interiors at least once in six months to keep our creativity awake. We often visit a bank, church, engineering or school website to discover they now have a new look.  Some of the time, we don’t mind the new look, while other times it makes it more difficult to find the information we want since we are used to the old website structure.  So what about your organization’s website?  How often should it be redesigned?
There are many factors to consider when making a decision about redesigning your organization’s website:
1.       How long has it had the current design?  Design trends and technology change every few years, so to keep from having a website that looks outdated, it is typically good to redesign your website every 2-3 years.
2.       What feedback do you get from those visiting your website?  Do your visitors like your website?  Is it easy to navigate?  If those who are visiting your website like the experience and find it easy to use, then it is not urgent to make a change soon.  However, if much of the feedback you receive is negative or mixed, you probably need to make some changes in the near future. For instance if your visitors often call you to ask questions after visiting your website, questions on something they would have easily gotten visiting the site.
3.       What is your budget?  Although we would all like to have an unlimited amount of resources, that is simply not the case.  So how often and how extreme the changes you will be able to make to your website will be influenced by the amount of resources you have to use. But make sure you get the best website designer to offer you value for your money.
4.       Complete revamp or adjustment?  Just because it may have been a long time that your website has had its current design, if you either do not have the budget or the need to undergo a complete overhaul, you may be able to implement a few smaller modifications to the design or structure of your website to give it a new look or improved user experience.
5.       Change in technology: Technology and trends are constantly changing. Google for instance recently announced that websites that are not mobile friendly will have a poor online visibility on searches. So if your website is not mobile friendly and you want to rank on search engines, you better upgrade and that may mean a redesign of the entire website. The change may also be on social media
6.       A new audience: If market research, new product launch etc. cause you to suddenly change the audience you want to reach then, you may need to adjust the look and feel of your website to appeal to your new audience

So what do you think?  Does your website need to undergo a redesign?  How long has it been since your website’s design has been changed?  Share your feedback on how often a website’s design should change?
Redesign of Chogon facilities website 

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