Thursday, 5 March 2020

Meet Glowfield - The Best Montessori Schools in Lagos

Glowfield International School is one of the best Montessori Schools in Lagos. It is an ingenious school that provides your child with world-class educational experience. We synthesize the best educational practice with the most current innovative approach to learning, to equip your child for an anonymous future in a swiftly dynamic world. We have advanced an approach to education that balances academic prowess, self and social intelligence, creative and critical thinking and digital literacy. We understand that symmetry among these scopes is important in education to enable children develop to their fullest potentials.
Your child’s unique needs are met through an integrated curriculum, engaging and experiential tutoring, improved assessment, robust teacher support, and effective partnership with parents and our communities. A well-rounded education rooted in academics, enriching extra curricula activities, team-building athletics and an unwavering emphasis on character development is provided for your child. Encapsulating all these, your child is fortified with life time success.
Glowfield is a top ranker in Best Creche in Lekki Lagos among others

Why choose Glowfield?

·         Top-notch Academics: Your child receives phenomenal academic programmes geared towards achieving capacity, character and excellence.
·         Outstanding curricula: The curricula are purposefully structured and integrated to bring about continuity, stability and revolutionary development.
·         Compelling Programmes and Extra-curricula activities: Every child is opened to diverse learning opportunities, competitive and resourceful sports team, assorted student clubs, that motivate them to attain their full potential.
·         Veteran Teachers: Embedded with passion for their art, your child’s accomplishment is the objective of the tutoring team.
·         Exceptional Facilities: Your child enjoys fully equipped facilities with leading-edge technology to support dynamic and experiential learning inside and outside classroom.
·         Prepared Environment: The learning environment at Glowfield is physically, aesthetically, intellectually, socially, emotionally, and securely framed. Learning equipment are child-sized. Making it one of the best international schools in Lagos. Children work with real objects, have access to beautiful garden and nature spot that harbors a mini zoo. The ambience is beautiful, orderly and clean and exudes calmness and peace which improves the learning process of your child. Instructional materials that are designed for specific purposes are made available to your child and right from a very tender stage, they are groomed to develop social and emotional intelligence through the vertical age grouping and freedom of movement provided by our well- spaced classrooms.

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