Saturday 1 December 2018

Bespoke Hampers for Customers and staff

Christmas is a great business deadline. The phrase ‘we’ll finish that before Christmas’ really does come into its own at this time of year. It’s also a fantastic time to turn your attention to the people in your business world. We supply customized Christmas hampers in Nigeria
Our challenging economic climate means that every business needs to be at the top of their game. There really is no room for mediocrity so why not take the opportunity to flex your corporate muscles this Christmas and show your clients, customers and staff how much they are valued.
The word ‘bespoke’ is usually applied to clothing and literally means ‘made to order to meet the customer’s specifications’ and this is exactly what we do… except with hampers! 
As Nigeria's most popular gift hamper supplier in Lagos we are able to supply you with a totally bespoke solution. The elements of a hamper that we can tailor for you include, but are not limited to:
  • Hamper box or basket: choose from a variety of wooden boxes, wicker baskets, gift boxes, trays, trunks or cardboard cartons. We can even pack a hamper in a box supplied by you!

  • Your hamper contents: we can select from a staggeringly wide range of over 9,000 items including food, wine and hardware to create a hamper that perfectly suits your brief and your budget. Hardware includes: glasses and tableware, textiles (e.g. tea towels), toys, crackers, drinks accessories and much more. Check out a list of what to include in a Christmas Hampers. You can even supply your own items for inclusion (company branded goods) or a company Christmas card.

  • Company branding: we can print your logo along with a message on the box or carton, on a leather tag and even on personalised ribbon.

  • Photograph on the box: We’re also able to print a photograph of your choosing on your box whether it be a wooden box, leather tag or smart white gift box (not available with all boxes).

  • Individual message personalisation: In addition to featuring your logo we can add a personal message to each individual gift or include the same message on all hampers if you prefer.

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