Tuesday 16 September 2014

Your Business Card Reveals your personality

A business card is more than a convenient item containing a name and contact information; it is a miniature snapshot of your business which contains many revealing secrets about who you are and how you conduct business. While a business card can tell a potential client or customer your location and hours of operation, it also reveals a great deal about your personality as well.

The first thing a person sees when looking at a business card is the overall design and color scheme. To demonstrate this point, take a business card and flash it in front of someone's eyes for a brief moment, and then ask the person to describe the card. Will the person comment on the quality of the cardstock? The lettering or the validity of the information printed on the card? Of course not. They will only be able to describe the color and basic design.

Since the overall design and color of the card is what makes an immediate impression, great care should be taken when choosing a card for your business. If your card appears bland and boring at first glance, then it may indicate that you are not a creative type of person. This may not be important if you are a lawyer or an auto mechanic, but it is critically important if your career deals with creativity. A business card for a hairstylist, interior decorator, or photographer, for instance must not be visually bland as it may send the wrong kind of subliminal message to clients and customers.

The best and most effective business cards are unique and original. We have all seen generic business cards before, the kind which business owners can order from printing websites at low prices. By using these generic templates to design a card, you run the risk of having the same exact business card as your competitor across town. In other words, you may be giving clients a subliminal impression that your business is not any different than that of your competition.

Upon closer examination of a business card, a client will notice the textural feel of the card. This indicates the quality and expense of the card, and this often reveals a great deal about how you conduct business. A contractor or carpenter, for instance, may not need a card that is visually impressive, but it is necessary to have a card that is printed on quality cardstock, metal or plastic business card. This is because on a subliminal level, a client who feels that a contractor who skimps on quality when it comes to a business card may also skimp on quality when it comes to building materials.

Therefore, it is always a wise idea to purchase the highest-quality card you can afford. A card that is thin and flimsy will not give the impression of trust and solidity like a card that is sturdy. This is important if your career is one where trust is important. If you are in financial services or legal services, a thin and flimsy card will not send a positive subliminal message to clients.

These are the factors which determine the effectiveness of a business card, and reflect the personality of the professional. Business owners who are cheap often have cheap business cards, and businesspeople who are shady often have flimsy business cards. Professionals who are in creative businesses need cards that are eye-catching and colorful, and professionals who build and construct things with quality materials need a card that is also printed on a quality material.

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