Tuesday 28 January 2014

How Rubber Stamps Can Help Your Business Stand Out

If you are doing business in any of Nigeria's commercial cities like Lagos, Kano and Port harcourt; One of the simplest, most cost effective things that your business can invest in is rubber stamps. This basic office supplies can go a long way in making your business appear larger and more professional, not only to employees, but to customers and suppliers as well. Here are a few ways how basic and customized rubber stamps can help your business stand out from your competition.

Basic Stamps
Rubber stamps come in nearly every shape, size and design that you can imagine. Many common phrases and job titles that are often used in the business world such as “Paid” or “Accounts Receivable” can be found pre-printed on commercial stamps. For just a few dollars, these stamps will not only make the job of your accounting department easier, but also put a more professional appearance on invoices and receipts. With simple stamps, invoices can be marked off much more quickly and without the mess of writing all over each one.

Custom Made Stamps
In addition to the basic design of pre-printed rubber stamps, most office supply companies can also create custom stamps to fit a wide variety of your needs. Whether it is a customized picture or any phrase that your business uses on a regular basis, office supply companies can provide you with rubber stamps that meet your exact specifications. There are different types of rubber stamps in Lagos.

The most common use for custom made rubber stamps are as signature stamps. By providing the stamp maker with a copy of your signature, they can create a replica onto the face of the stamp. This is ideal for business owners and professionals who are constantly signing off on documents and paperwork. By using a stamp, you can easily save valuable time each day. Stamps like these should be well-controlled. Only authorize one be made, and be careful of who has it – it in the wrong hands a signature stamp could be used on countless documents.

Avoiding Confusion
Another benefit of using rubber stamps in the office is that it helps avoid confusion on documents between employees. Skip troubles with handwriting and unclear instructions. By using stamps to communicate on documents, co-workers and employees are able to clearly understand what is expected out of them in regards to your instructions.

By making small changes around your business, you can easily alter the perception of your company by your employees, business associates and consumers. By using rubber stamps for your office’s communications you can increase the professionalism both between employees and to the public. Not only do these stamps make your business look more sophisticated, but they also reduce the amount of mistakes make because of misunderstandings over instructions. For companies who need to process large amounts of documents, using rubber stamps can save significant amounts of time for those needing to authorize the paperwork. Look at your office’s procedures for documents today, and imagine how rubber stamps could increase productivity in the workplace.

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