Tuesday 12 August 2014

Banner Stand types in Nigeria

Banner stands provide you with easy affordable recognition that stands out among the competition. At Eloquent Touch Media we offer a wide range of versatile banner stands to suit your exhibition needs. You can just walk into our Lagos office and have your project printed on site or fixed.

Talk to us and let us help you organize the perfect custom stand that fits your purpose and budget. We can take care of the design, production, branding and setup of the stand or backdrop you require.  Backdrops and stands are available for rent or for sale.

Here are the various banner stands we have in Nigeria.
Flat/Big Base Stand: This stand is very durable and not easily carried by the elements of weather. So it can be used for both in door and outdoor display. The popular dimension is 2.8 X 6.8 feet.

Slim/Small Base Stand: This banner stand is the most popular banner stand in Nigeria probably because it is more affordable and yet has the same size 3x7 with the flat base roll-up stand. When people tell you the price of their roll up banner, ask them which stand they are using if not you will end up thinking one price is cheaper than the other not knowing that the stand type contribute to the difference in cost

X-Banner Stand: This is not a roller banner but appears bold with a stamina that can make it very valuable for outside display

L-Banner Stand: This stand got its name from the L shape of the stand. 

Carrier BagsAll banners are supplied with a canvas zip carrier bag shown in the bottom right of the picture below

See the pictures below
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  4. Interesting to learn about the range of banner stands you have in your local market. At our own factory in the UK we have massive range of banner stands. We find the new fabric systems are becoming popular here, perhaps the same in Nigeria?


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