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Saturday, 5 January 2019


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For over 10 years, Cleaneat Cleaning Services in Lagos has been providing professional janitorial, cleaning, and building maintenance services to retailers, property management firms, construction companies, and building owners across Nigeria.

Our customers keep calling us back because we provide high quality cleaning services and a customized maintenance program suited to the needs of all organizations.  We understand that your cleaning schedule may be unique. This is why our cleaning and maintenance services are available 24/7 to meet your needs.

Get a quote today and learn how we can help you with all your janitorial, cleaning, and fumigation needs.

Saturday, 1 December 2018

Bespoke Hampers for Customers and staff

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Christmas is a great business deadline. The phrase ‘we’ll finish that before Christmas’ really does come into its own at this time of year. It’s also a fantastic time to turn your attention to the people in your business world. We supply customized Christmas hampers in Nigeria
Our challenging economic climate means that every business needs to be at the top of their game. There really is no room for mediocrity so why not take the opportunity to flex your corporate muscles this Christmas and show your clients, customers and staff how much they are valued.
The word ‘bespoke’ is usually applied to clothing and literally means ‘made to order to meet the customer’s specifications’ and this is exactly what we do… except with hampers!
We are able to supply you with a totally bespoke solution. The elements of a hamper that we can tailor for you include, but are not limited to:
  • Hamper box or basket: choose from a variety of wooden boxes, wicker baskets, gift boxes, trays, trunks or cardboard cartons. We can even pack a hamper in a box supplied by you!

  • Your hamper contents: we can select from a staggeringly wide range of over 9,000 items including food, wine and hardware to create a hamper that perfectly suits your brief and your budget. Hardware includes: glasses and tableware, textiles (e.g. tea towels), toys, crackers, drinks accessories and much more. You can even supply your own items for inclusion (company branded goods) or a company Christmas card.

  • Company branding: we can print your logo along with a message on the box or carton, on a leather tag and even on personalised ribbon.

  • Photograph on the box: We’re also able to print a photograph of your choosing on your box whether it be a wooden box, leather tag or smart white gift box (not available with all boxes).

  • Individual message personalisation: In addition to featuring your logo we can add a personal message to each individual gift or include the same message on all hampers if you prefer.

Friday, 10 August 2018

Where to Buy USB Wristbands in Nigeria

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Do you want to order USB  bracelets in Nigeria? Welcome here: We are one of the to silicone wristband flash drive suppliers in Lagos. Built with a 3 prong enclosure, this USB wristband has a very comfortable & sporty feel to it. Perfect for any sporting or promotional event, this bracelet flash drive even works as a fun giveaway item.
These promotional wristband flash drives can be used for various age groups, ranging from children to adults. Because the wristband flash drives can be wearable any time, your logo or brand will be more noticeable. Improve your chances for a successful marketing campaign with a fashionable choice like a USB bracelet.
Our USB wristbands are made from our highly durable, skin-sensitive, rubberized silicone. Our high quality multicoloured logo imprinting allows you to display your business logo or brand on both the band and clasp of the model.
CALL US 08024444263 OR 

Visit our websitehttps://usb.eloquentgift.com/usb-flashdrive-wristband/

branded silicon wristband with usb

Sunday, 5 August 2018

Benefits of the Credit Card USB flash drive

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One of the most popular models that become available on the market is the credit card USB flash drive. This flash drives captured consumers attention in the last years. Here are the reasons why:
  1. The print area is very large on a credit card USB stick compared with the standard USB flash drives models, this gives lots more scope to print detailed graphics or images. Your printable space can have details like phone numbers, email addresses and website addresses. This would be impossible on a standard USB memory drive.
  2. The credit card flash drives are familiar since they are exactly the same shape as a regular bank card.
  3. The newest credit card USB memory sticks are only 2mm thick imitating perfectly a real credit card being only marginally thicker than a standard bank card. They fit very comfortably into any pocket, wallet or purse that is designed to carry cards.
  4. When you print the credit card USB flash drive the results are fantastic, making a real visual impact to the consumers. This is because to the larger print area which allows you to be more creative.
  5.  These gadgets are the perfect fit for any direct marketing campaign because they are so light to carry they can be mailed out in a standard envelope and by doing this you will avoid larger shipping. Since they have a familiar shape there are mailer packages already designed to carry bank cards that can be used to ship them.
  6. Regardless their thin size their memory sizes range from 128MB all the way to 16GB.
  7. And business logo printed on these cards can expect to be carried in a wallet, meaning that the brand will get plenty of exposure.
  8. Having a large printing area also gives the manufacturer the possibility to attach the USB connector in different ways, giving the users plenty of choices to connect it to a computer.
  9.  The time used for printing the USB credit cards is between 7 and 10 days.
  10. With all the advantages that they offer, they are also no more expensive than other standard USB models.
If we look at the previous year number of units sold, the branded USB Cards are gaining more and more popularity in Nigeria. And if this year this trend will continue, the USB Credit Card will overtake even the traditional designed USB flash drives as a top Unique business card for CEOs

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Solar Energy Installation Company in Nigeria

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HouseSolutions is not just a major alternative energy company in Nigeria, they are also one of the best solar panel installers in Nigeria. as a well-respected solar energy company based in Lagos Nigeria, they have well-trained and motivated engineers with over 15 years professional experience in the research, design and installation of solar systems.

HS delivers the most affordable and energy efficient solutions to power homes and industries across Nigeria. They can serve as Partners to building your constant power dreams. HS is the one-stop shop for all your energy and power backup needs. They have carved a niche for themselves as the go – to company for alternative and uninterruptible source of power for diverse areas of business – manufacturing, financial services, military, healthcare and education service providers, and homes.

As Nigeria continues to desire steady and uninterrupted power supply, there is the need to go beyond the construction of gas power plants and also look into alternative technologies especially renewable energy sources to power rural homes which constitute higher percentage of the Nigerian population (about 60%).

Solar provides a consistent and regular means of power supply.

Solar is environment friendly, as a result CO2 emissions are reduced, which contributes less to global warming.

By going in for solar power, you will cut your cost of electricity at home or office.

Solar energy serves as an important source of renewable energy.

Saturday, 7 April 2018

3 Reasons to Install Artificial Grass in Your Office

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You run a business and wondering whether you would need an artificial grass carpet. This article is written for you. The use of artificial grass carpet in Nigeria is on the increase and that for a good reason. There are places where rugs are needed but there are other places where grass carpets are more suitable

Monday, 22 January 2018

Wristbands printing and Branding in Nigeria

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We in EloquentGifts offers customized, personalized, printed, branded, promotional wristbands printing and branding inLagos Nigeria. We have extremely wide range of  Tyvek, Silicone, Vynil, Medical and Custom wristbands at the most competitive prices. The wristbands are available in various colours, dimensions & formats. We are the largest and most reliable supplier in the field of customized wristband which is the most widely used promotional product in Nigeria
Branded and custom silicone wristbands in Nigeria are very popular and effective for brand promotion or raising awareness for a cause. From branded debossed, engraved to printed silicone wristbands. Make your event or cause memorable and unique by using Tyvek wristbands. Distinguish invited guests and gate crashers.We wish to and have succeeded in creating a highly reliable online hub of custom wristbands for the customers where there is no chance of any glitch or mistake. We wish to serve more and more customers with our impeccable range of products and lightening fast delivery services.

For business, communicate your message to your audience through customized silicone wristbands and create customer loyalty and win new customers. They can be used as promotional gifts when launching new products, for CSR projects and for events.